Heat-Resistant Drip Pad Utensil Rest
Heat-Resistant Drip Pad Utensil Rest

Heat-Resistant Drip Pad Utensil Rest

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A smart kitchen helper that provides a clean kitchen top and handy
cooking experience, introducing our Heat-Resistant Drip Pad Utensil Rest. 
Perfect for kitchen organization while cooking!

Spill-Free Kitchen!


Simple lines and elegant design to keep the countertop spill-free.
Can keep up even your largest cooking tool. It can hold up to 4 utensils 
and the based is designed to catch any drips.

This heat-safe holder can be placed near the stove, or countertop where the cooking is done. It can hold heated utensils without it breaking down.
 It does not rust and perfect for long time use. 


 Equipped with non-slip base so it stays in place even in slick surfaces.
With wide and deep notches, it’s applicable for all shapes
and sizes of utensils

You can immediately wash and leave it beside the sink or toss it
in the dishwasher for quick and easy clean up.


 Material: PP + Silicone

Dimension: 14 x 13.5 cm

Color: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Black, Pink, Gray, Purple



1 X Heat-Resistant Drip Pad Utensil Rest